How to create XYZ orthophoto tiles with QGIS

create XYZ orthophoto tiles



Spatial Geographic Analysis (GIS) raw orthophoto files are usually tif or jpg based, but making xyz image tiles can improve display and loading speed. This article will show you how to convert an Orthophoto to an xyz tile using QGIS.


Generate XYZ tiles (Directory)

Processing Toolbox > Generate XYZ tiles (Directory) 

Extent : Use Draw on Canvas Select the target on the map. 

Minimum zoom : 0 

Maximum zoom :20 

Tile format : PNG, JPG


Close other layers before execution to avoid generating tiles along with the base image.


qgis Generate XYZ tiles



Add XYZ layer in QGIS

Browser > XYZ Tiles 

New Connection 

Max. Zoom Level: 20 







loading xyz tiles into qgis


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