How to improve download speed from IPFS and make it more useable

ipfs improve download speed

IPFS is a decentralized file system for storing and sharing data. Although the ideal is very good, But the data retrieval speed from IPFS are always slow.

Common problems include slow content discovery, IPFS Gateway speed unstable, connection Time Out 504. The biggest problem is that the download speed depends on how often it is accessed.

This article will show you how to solve these problems.



Can't find the file after IPFS upload?

If you encounter the problem that the file cannot be found after IPFS Desktop upload (504 time out), This article will show you how to uploading files to a third-party IPFS upload service to speed up exploration by other nodes and gateways.



Pin files on third-party platforms (Pinata)

You can upload files to the Pinata pin your files. Just in case you don't want pin files on your computer. However, the platform has limited bandwidth for free users, so it is not suitable for file sharing, but it can keep your files out of the Garbage Collection.xi virus



Use script automatically download files at regular intervals

Use batch download tools (uGet, curl, wget) can keep your files alive on IPFS. However, that it is unclear the gateways and nodes will detect specific frequently accessed IP and slow down it. To avoid this problem, we can use Tor and tsocks to switch IP.



Export the list of Pin files as URL

ipfs cid format -v 1 -b base32 $(ipfs pin ls -q --type recursive) | awk ' { print "" $0 } ' > urlcid.txt



Create a script to download IPFS files

wget -P /home/ipfs-download-all/ -i /home/urlcid.txt
rm -rf /home/ipfs-download-all/



Scheduling with Crontab

crontab -e
EDITOR=nano crontab -e # nano 

0 */5 * * * /home/ # run every five hours

If you want to switch IP, please refer to the Onion Router article below.


LikeCoin + ISCN + Arweave + IPFS

If you want to keep the file on the internet permanently, Use LikeCoin to registering ISCN. The file will writing on Arweave blockchain and keep IPFS files permanently on internet.



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用 curl 和 wget 命令列批次、定時下載檔案列表

uGet - 批次下載圖片、檔案且支援剪貼簿與續傳的下載工具

永久圖床?用 LikeCoin 註冊 ISCN 將檔案釘在 IPFS 上進行分享

解決 IPFS 上傳後找不到檔案的問題 (504 time out)