How To Block and Hide Recommended Video Overlay On YouTube

picard facepalm reaction to youtube overlay suggested video

The stupidest design ever

Some Youtube videos have 3-4 videos blocking the screen towards the end of the video, which is not only annoying, but as far as I know, "there is no option to turn it off". Whether this is put up by the film maker or Youtube's well-intentioned design, it is the most retarded feature.xi virus

But just like Chrome's disappearing reopen closed pagination , Firefox, Vivaldi can customize "Hide close pagination button and other problems, there is a solution to this most idiotic design of Youtube ever.



Remove suggested video on YouTube

  1. Installs AdBlock or uBlock Origin.
  2. Take uBlock Origin as an example, click on the uBlock Origin icon in the upper right corner of your browser, four small icons will pop up in the middle of the window, click "Open Console" on the far right to open the settings page.
  3. In the tab, there is a "Custom Static Filtering Rules", paste in the following codes.





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