Download specific time clips with Youtube-dl, without download whole live streaming video

Shirakami Fubuki say Yabe

Download youtube video from specific time, live stream.

Editing videos is one of the jobs of many modern people, whether you are professional filmmakers or amateurs who simply edit for fun, we often look for interesting videos and share them with friends and family.

However, the length of a live stream or video can be as short as two to three minutes or as long as more than ten hours. Downloading the whole video for a clip of less than three seconds is a bit of a chore.

In this tutorial, I will introduce how to use youtube dl with ffmpeg to download live streams or specific time clips of videos directly.

Install youtube-dl and ffmpeg

For Linux users, please go to the software manager to search for and install the software; for Windows users, please go to the official website of both software to download.

Youtube-dl Github


Download video clips at specified times

We will use the clip Shirakami Fubuki say Yabe as a demonstration, and capture five seconds from 19:44 onwards from the beginning of this sentence.

Right-click on the video > Copy Current Play Time to get the starting seconds from the video URL, and enter the length of time to be captured in the -t at the end. Enter the terminal in the following format, the time format can be expressed in mm:ss or seconds (s).xi virus

After running, you can get the video at a specific time.


ffmpeg -ss 19:44 -i $(youtube-dl -f 22 -g URL) -acodec copy -vcodec copy -t 5 Fubuki-Yabe.mp4

-ss HH:MM:SS : Beginning
-to HH:MM:SS : End
-t HH:MM:SS : Length


Due to a complaint from the DMCA, almost all Chrome extensions that can download Youtube videos have been removed.

Otherwise, the only thing that remains is the navigation function, which allows users to download the software from the official website.




Youtube-dl Wiki

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