Is it really necessary to upgrade Windows 11? All the disasters you should know about before installation

microsoft windows 11 Sucks


Ready to become a victim of genuine software?

Not long ago, Microsoft announced that its latest operating system was ready to be launched on October 5. When the news came out, all the news and computer media reported it, describing how beautiful the interface was, how stable the system was, and even how much the performance was improved by a certain percentage. As a long-time Windows user, I am quite skeptical of these obvious advertising claims.


Your game will not be fast because of the replacement of Windows 11.


Don't forget that every Windows upgrade or update must be accompanied by countless user wails and disasters. Because of its frequency, "Microsoft System Update", which is classified as one of the world's disasters, often can only be made to work properly with future updates and fixes, which means that in order to fix the current disasters, users have to rely on the disasters to prevent more disasters...


The operating system is to be used, not to be upgraded


Windows 11 is, to put it bluntly, just Windows 10 with a new theme of scenery. It is also a good idea to use a lot of special effects and the performance consumption is even slightly higher than Windows 10. The most frightening thing is that Microsoft's usual "forced updates and upgrades" have caused the system to crashing.xi virus



Japanese manga artists lost all their original artwork in the Win10 update.

Windows 10 October update installation disaster: deleted files, Intel driver incompatibility


Not to mention the installation process of Windows 10 Home Edition also forces users to apply for a Microsoft account, and by default, there is no option to use a local account.

In the end, you either random input number to force it to appear the "use local account" option, or simply unplug the network cable and re-install.

Under this premise, do you really think Microsoft will let you use your local account to log into Windows 11?


Don't want to apply for another Microsoft account to sign in to Windows 10? Here's how to crack it.


Microsoft Office subscriptions process is already unbelievably annoying, I don't know how bad Microsoft will become in the next decade.

The Windows 11 interface is indeed refreshing, but in fact it takes up more system resources, uses a lot of unnecessary window animations and all kinds of bugs lurking in the dark.


Why do you want to do Debug for Microsoft for free?


Don't forget that after re-installation, the software has to be reinstalled and configured. If you upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 without re-installation, you will have to face more bugs and software failures because the system is not newly installed.


Many people will praise Microsoft for releasing the preview version which is very stable and has not encountered any problems.

But it's too early to say, don't apply the insights from the beta version to the official version. Many times the stability of Microsoft's operating system is even worse than that of the beta.

Don't forget that the preview version of Windows 10 was also very stable, and look what has become of it.


Microsoft says it will push "another update" to fix the Windows 10 update disaster.

Microsoft was sued in court for Windows 10 after a forced upgrade and failed update.




If your job requires the use of computers, then stability is definitely your top priority, please wait two to three years before considering whether to upgrade.



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