Windows 11 Currently known disasters after the upgrade - performance plummeted, network slowed down, input method crash

windows 11 knowing bug amd

Windows 11 was finally released on 10/5, and there was no doubt that there was a problem right away. The bug is so serious that Microsoft and AMD have advised users to continue using Windows 10 and will release a fix for it.

What is the problem so serious that the officials announced such news?



CPU performance degradation

The AMD processor Ryzen family will perform worse on Windows 11, with up to a 15% reduction. This is because Windows 11 slows down L3 Shared cache by more than three times, making applications slower to read memory.xi virus


Compatibility Issues

Windows 11 shows incompatibility with OracleVirtualBox, resulting in users not being able to use it properly. In addition, the user protocol (UDP) may be removed after the upgrade, making the network slower. Some systems are unable to convert from single-threaded to dual-core, making performance poor.



Most users report that Windows 11's performance as same as Windows 10. In addition, Some users also responded that computers suffered problems after the upgrade to Windows 11, Such as File Explorer delay, Bluetooth instability, multi-screen color settings and input method crashing.



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