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Krita is one of my favorite drawing software. It is free, powerful, and supports most of the image formats (JPG, PNG, Photoshop, OpenRaster, etc.), and the latest version can even create animations. Xi-virus

Some of the shortcut keys have changed due to version updates, this article will use Krita 4.4.3 as an example.




Setting > Change Languages



Page up: Jump to the previous layer

Page down: Jump to the next layer

Ctrl + Page up: Moves the current layer up

Ctrl + Page down: Moves the current layer down


R: Jump to the target layer you clicked on

Shift + R: Select the target layer (including the current layer)

Ctrl + C: Copy

Ctrl + V: Paste


M: Canvas Mirror Display (Flip Left and Right) (Flip canvas, Mirror)

Ctrl + E: Merge lower layers

Q: Multi-brush

P: Select color


Insert: Insert a new color layer

Ctrl + G: Create a group layer and move the current layer in

Tab: Show canvas only, hide all toolbars (full screen)

F5: Brush Setting


Number keys

1: Scaling of the screen 1:1

2: Scaling the canvas to fit the height (up and down)

3: Scaling the canvas to fit the width (left and right)

4: Rotate to the left

5: Rotate to zero (canvas reset)

6: Rotate to the right



Ctrl + R: Rectangle Selection

Ctrl+A: Select All Canvas

Shift+Ctrl+A: Unselect All

Shift+Ctrl+I: Reverse Selection


Transformation and movement

Ctrl + T: Transform Tool

T: Move selected target

C: Crop tool

Pen Brush

E: Eraser

B: Brush

Ctrl + L: Increase Brightness

K: Darken Brush Color

L: Lighten Brush Color

I: Decrease Brush Transparency

O: Increase Brush Transparency


Customizing shortcuts

Tools > Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts


Pen and tablet

Activate with Ctrl + Shift and the pen's side button.

Brush Size ScalingShift + Pencil Drag
Color PickerCtrl + Pen Tip Click
Canvas MovePen Button + Pen Move
ZoomCtrl + Pen Key + Pen Move
RotateShift + Pen Key + Pen Move

Right click tool panel

Brush FunctionColor FunctionFunction
Current 10 Preset BrushesColor Selection RingZoom
Read other brush presetsForeground and background colorsRotate
Adjust brush size, transparency, flowRecently used colorsMirror




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