What are Google passwords and how do I use them

When I logged in to the Internet service on my cell phone, an unfamiliar term popped up: Passwords.xi virus

First, I was asked if I wanted to sync this account password, and then a window popped up to enter a password. But I don't remember setting this up at all, so I had to press cancel. There are many different opinions on the Internet about this.


Some say it's your phone PIN by default; others say it's the last old password for your Google password; and some say it's the birth date...


Google passwords

Google passwords are actually passwords used to protect your browser's synchronized data (bookmarks, web accounts, credit cards), and the passwords are not passed back to Google, but only remain in your device. Therefore, there is no way to change it (an innocent cute dog hook will appear) in the password manager in the Google Information Home, so if you forget it, you can only reset it from the device.

However, according to the official instructions, the reset will only delete the browser synchronization data on the server side, so you can set the encryption again after the reset.



That is, it is the password that Google Chrome uses to keep its passwords.

meme Google 通關密語



I can only guess that when I logged into my Google account, I was convinced by the suggested settings that popped up and set a "password", and I didn't record the password, so I forgot all about it after a while. It is also because Google has too many product lines, and it likes to invent its own terms, so users are suddenly at a loss.


Google Passwords Settings

Google Chrome > Settings > Sync > Encryption

Use your own sync passwords to encrypt and protect your synced data. Encrypt passwords with Google credentials.



Google 使用通關密語或 憑證

Google 通關密語設定

Google 帳戶設定 密碼管理員



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