How to Fix Static Noise of Bluetooth wireless headset

Fix Static Noise problem of Bluetooth


The static noise of bluetooth wireless headset is a common problems. This article will teach you some basic troubleshooting methods.



  1. Reboot the phone to eliminate the system instability caused by prolonged boot-up of the phone.xi virus
  2. Turn on or off "Auto Optimize" in "Accessory Settings".
  3. Turn on or off "Optimize Sound Settings" or "Equalizer" in "Audio Settings".
  4. Turn off the "Disable Absolute Volume" function in "Developer Mode"
  5. Enter Safe Mode.
  6. Run in with music for a few hours, which is called burning and warming.
  7. Test it with other phones.
  8. Turn off WIFI to exclude wireless signal interference.
  9. Avoid devices that emit radio waves around you, such as wireless sharers, Bluetooth stereos or microwave ovens.

Auto Optimize

Optimize Sound Settings

Disable Absolute Volume



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