How To block a specific channel on YouTube

block a specific channel on YouTube

On Youtube, we often see trash videos or channels that are not suitable children on the site, but Youtube's Do Not Recommend feature does not help users to block these channels at all. This article will show you how to block these channels.



Install Tampermonkey

Browser: Chrome
Extension: Tampermonkey



Open Youtube and then you will find a tool with a B symbol in the upper right corner near the Bell. Click to enter the blacklist. For example, if I want to block all channels with the word "中天" , type:xi virus



* 中天,


If there are other words you want to add, use "," as a separator.





To block other channels, the list can also be compiled using the same format plus a * symbol, e.g.

*中天,*中時, *中視, *全球大視野, *飛碟聯播 , *少康 , *浙江卫视, *央視, *湖南卫视, *CCTV





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